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Hello, & Welcome!

20 Mar

Hey all, Elizabeth here.

I have always loved film and TV and everything associated with them so I figured why not write about it!? 

I consider myself to be a self-proclaimed critic.  I find myself always picking apart films and looking up actors on IMDB looking at filmography, interesting trivia, goofs etc. while I am in the movie theater or watching at home.  

Watching Reelz Channel and looking at IMDB are two of my favorite places to get all the movie info.  E! is another channel I watch to get good Hollywood inside info and gossip though most of it is about fashion or the Kardashians—no dis my guilty pleasure is watching all things Kardashian.

The tone of this blog is just how I feel about trends in cinematography, and movies and TV in general. I love discussing film, TV, behind the scenes, actors, directors etc. and discussing differing views of these, so please feel free to comment and give your opinions and I will respond when I can.

So lets get rolling, 3…2…1 action!