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Everyday I’m Hustling

30 Dec


American Hustle
a film by David O. Russell

Over holiday break, my family and I decided to go see American Hustle. After seeing all of the previews and trailers, I was very excited to see this 1970s comedy/ crime drama. Leaving the theater 2.5 hours later I was still deciding whether or not I thoroughly enjoyed the film or not. For me, the trailer made the film look exciting, like the con pulled off in Oceans Eleven. I found the movie to be rather enjoyable in the beginning and end of the film but in the middle there were definitely some lags and some slow pacing which were probably due to the length of the movie.

What I did find enjoyable, and perhaps a redeeming quality of the film was the music and the actors/acting and what looked like an ever so subtle nod to Saturday Night Fever. The crazy, at times ditzy, and unpredictability of Irving’s wife (Jennifer Lawrence), The wild yet still naïve at times, FBI agent Richie (Bradley Cooper) the seductive and cunning Edith/Sydney (Amy Adams) and finally the brilliant but at times acted like a pushover, Irving (Christian Bale). Bale’s character was a success to the storyline and the onscreen dynamic between his character and Cooper’s character was funny and entertaining.

Though Silver Linings Playbook is my favorite O. Russell film, I would still give this movie a go-see, even if you go just for the music.