Instructions not Included

13 Aug


Instructions not Included
By Eugenio Derbez

Do not let subtitles draw you away from this film!

Instructions Not Included is about a man, Valentin with a playboy lifestyle whose life gets turned around when he is tasked with raising a baby. Not knowing what to do, Valentin sets off to find the child’s mother and ends up on an adventure in fatherhood.

I also liked how this movie reflects the characters in the juxtaposition of the two lifestyles of NY vs LA; structured lawyer vs. fun movie stuntman. And though Valentin is a loving, wonderful father, his life LA still reflects some of his carefree, fun times of his past.

This film is a story about life. Life is beautiful. Life is a gift. Life is not a constant; it is ever changing and unpredictable. This film spans all ranges of emotions, fear, love, laughter, sadness, surprise.

One of the things I love about film and storytelling is its ability to transcend all languages and convey a message to the audience and this movie aces it!

I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but this is a hidden gem and a must see!

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