The Great Gatsby-Part 2

29 May


Finally! I have seen the new, remade Gatsby.  I know it has been a while but it was worth the wait.  I really, really found this remake to be well done and I am a fan of Baz Luhrmann’s style.  I loved the raw, grittiness and the intensity his style brought to the film.  Luhrmann’s unique film style played really well in setting the scenes and portraying the dirty, and urban feel of the “Valley” of the city.

Another element that I loved was the soundtrack! It fit so well with the updated telling of the story and had the perfect mix of new contemporary music with the jazzy feel of the era.

Though most people who are fans of the original film will say that no one was a Greater Gatsby than Robert Redford, I found Leonardo DiCaprio was well suited to play Mr. Gatsby.  In fact I found the whole cast to be rather a perfect fit for their roles.

While I did not find the original unenjoyable, (I actually liked how it followed the book and was narrated by Sam Waterston) I preferred this Gatsby much more than the original for the pacing of the story.  The remake was much better paced as the quickness of the film mimicked the moving and changing the beat of the city and also mimicked the story itself, spiraling out of control.

I also enjoyed how in this Gatsby film the viewer was able to see more into Jay Gatsby’s past, as well as in to Nick Carraway’s memories,  and really see character backgrounds and character development, creating a stronger bond between the audience and the characters unlike the original where I just felt like someone viewing a movie.

The only real negative that I had with this remake was the overuse of the phrase “Old Sport.”  I definitely do not remember Robert Redford saying “Old Sport” so many times.

Overall I think that this Gatsby film was successful and was able to modernize Fitzgerald’s story in a way that did not lose the identity of the original story.

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