Carytown French Film Festival: Short Films

25 Mar

Another great year of shorts! While each film shared its story differently, some common themes among the films were humor, love, life and death to mention a few. Some films were very well done, others were strange and still others felt kind of out of place, yet all were entertaining to watch.


Day 1.

Je veille sur vous (I’m watching over you): I will say that the cinematography and audio were well done.  However, I was not really sure of the storyline.  I think that the man was living through memories of his past.  His wife had certainly died but I wasn’t sure if the kids were his kids and had died young or if they were his kids and had grown up and left him or if they really were neighbor kids.  It was a little strange and creepy but it was cool to see how he remembered things through recordings and then painting silhouettes to make it seem like there were people in the house.  It was an interesting film concept, but make take more than one look to fully understand, I give it a B.


Micha Mouse: It started out a little slow, but picked up as the story moved on.  The old age makeup was definitely noticeable but I think that overall it worked with the extreme makeup and costumes (and hair) that are seen in the flashback.  *Set in NYC during the late 1920s, this biopic recounts the life of a certain Walt, a cartoonist, and the real life of one of his fictional characters.  It was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Not really a spoof, maybe more of a homage, but it was certainly a new perspective on how a very recognizable character came to life.  I give this film an A.


Catharsis: Great acting, filming and editing.  Had an Inception feel, movie about a movie/dream within a dream.  But it also kind of reminded me of Fellini’s 8 ½ a little bit.  A man so tortured by his unfulfilled dream to be a director causes great unrest and makes for tremendous internal conflict.  With moments of humor, drama, thrill, sadness the film shows his struggle to find sanity and get back to reality and to the girl he loves.  I give it an A.


Les Perruches (the Parakeets): A bittersweet story about two friends, Laura and Lili, who has cancer.  Lili, troubled by the loss of her hair and uncomfortable with the hospital wig cannot bring herself to go out.  Laura gives here a makeover and dresses up as well so Lili won’t feel alone.  Feeling rather out of place a first the two walk the streets and run in to some rather unusually dressed men and it changes their course of events.  I truly loved everything about this movie and the message how one small change can alter your look on things.  I give this an A+


No comment: A 4-minute comedy about a girl’s encounter with two very different men and her thoughts about men picking up women etc.  Though the filming looked a little amateur (like it was being shot handheld) and the audio was a peaking a little in places the story still was still terrific and I give it an A.

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