Carytown French Film Festival: Short Films—Part Deux

25 Mar

I unfortunately missed the first two shorts on both days but I did catch the end of Je t’attends toujours (Day 2) and it seemed to have a good mix of thrills, drama and an exciting storyline.  However I wan not sure if it was a true story or a mocumentary.


Day 2.

Un week-end a Paris: (A weekend in Paris):  Not too sure of what this was about because my French is very limited and there were no subtitles, but the girl in this film was adorable.  I think the premise was something like they pretend to go to Paris but go elsewhere in search of something—but of what I am not sure.  It was rather slow paced in the beginning and though it was strange how most of the beginning was exterior shots of buildings and scenery accompanied with voiceover, I think that subtitles would have clarified this situation.  So due to lack of subtitles, I give this a B-.


La Baleine et moi (The Whale and me): A documentary about a former free-diving champion and her encounter with a whale and its baby.  I found this documentary to be rather eccentric and rather atypical of a usual documentary.  In a way I found it to be kind of incomplete or lacking something that I cant quite put my finger on.  Though I really liked the film of the whales, I give this a C+ for incompleteness but an A for the whale footage and underwater scenes.


Dead: Another kind of strangely unique film like Je veille sur vous from the first day.  I think that the dad (the leading man) in this is dead/a ghost, but it could be that he is just not around as much and now wants to be a better father? Not too sure.  The special effects were well done and the story kept you on the edge of your seat of what would happen to the baby.  I give it a B.


Monsieur Leroi: Very fitting film for the time of unemployment and the stresses of interviews.   A man Mr. Grabin has finally got an interview after a long time of searching for a job.  What starts as a typical day, turns in to a rather odd interview.  Comical, unique, and peculiar, I give this film A+.


Palmipedarium: I found this film to be rather weird and not that enjoyable.  It seemed rather dark and kind of scary.  There were times where I thought I might have the story figured out and other times where I was surprised by what happened. The animation however was satisfactory as well as the editing.  So for animation and editing I give this an A but overall I say C.


Time to split: Though it was a rather usual story, about a couple with a child who split up and may or may not get back together, I love split reality films showing things happening for two people at the same time! I liked how the line dropped down through the film and split the story.  This was so well filmed and edited, and I like how the way it was divided split screen made each segment look like frames in a filmstrip.  Overall I give this an A+.


*flim descriptions taken from this year’s festival program*

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