20 Mar


With its return to TV, TBS has brought back another show from the beyond and I am so glad that Cougar Town is back!  I will admit that when it started out I just watched it because it came on after Modern Family (another great show).  But as the weeks went on I found myself paying more and more attention to the characters and what happens with the Cul-de-Sac Crew in each episode. 

I like seeing Courtney Cox in a different role from that weird Dirt show she was on and Friends; though I do miss that show and Monica.  Cougar Town is a funny show that is easy to watch with likeable and often relatable characters.  Even though it is mainly a show that is meant to entertain, underlying tones of divorce, dating, life in your 40s, college, friends, family, marriage etc. humanize the show making it more than a “fluff-comedy.” Even more than that, I think that the dynamics of the character relationships put the “fun” in this dysfunctional group and are what really make the show work.  

Though I still don’t really get why the show is called Cougar Town, because they aren’t really looking for younger men, well with the exception of Barb, I look forward to my Tuesday nights, waiting to see what will happen next.

Andy/Ellie Torres

     -Stan Torres (son)

Laurie Keller (worked with Jules)

Grayson Ellis (now married to Jules)

Jules/Bobby Cobb (divorced but friends)

     -Travis Cobb (son)



*Adding some more humor to the show, I like that the majority of the characters have been on Scrubs or have appeared in episodes of Scrubs (Jules, Ellie, Jules’ Dad (Chick) , Tom and in the Hawaii episode Sam Lloyd ad Ted Buckland) 


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